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regimen-kit acne moisturizer cleanser treatment Kenya
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Are you ready for a fresh start?

If you have been struggling with Acne since high school or just started having adult acne then the search for the perfect solution is a struggle that you can totally relate to. There are many DIY treatments that promise to help but have you found one with a sustainable effect? Many women in Kenya have tried using kipanga soap, omo and other products that do more harm than help. Ladies, it is time for a fresh start!

We discovered Acne Org through a client of ours last year. She requested us to order them for her. We had never heard about them before so we did our research and when we posted on our Instagram page, we realised that many more women have been looking for the Acne Org products in Kenya as well. So we started bringing them in to help women fight acne with products that actually work. We have helped many women with pimples, acne and black spots get their confidence back and we hope to help you too!

regimen-kit acne moisturizer cleanser treatment Kenya

The Acne Org Regimen Kit consists of three products that work together to clear your skin.

• 8 oz. Cleanser.
• 8 oz. Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide – 2.5%).
• 8 oz. Moisturizer with Licochalcone.

One of our customers, Faiza Hemed shares her thoughts about the Acne Org treatment.

You can Pre-Order the Acne Org Products and it will take you 2-3 weeks to receive your order in Kenya.

Comments (10)

  • I would like to order the regimen.

    Zawadi wesonga
    • Please call: 0738332665

  • I would like to buy the kit. thank you

    • Kindly call: 0738 332 665

  • I will love to buy this products, my face is totally ruined have been to a dermatologist 8 times and nothing is changing I feel really frustrated.

    Nagaya Hermon
    • Sorry to hear that. Kindly call 0738 332 665 for more information on the product.

  • Can I order only the benzyol peroxide alone?

    • Yes you can. Kindly call: 0738 332 665

  • Hello,where are you located in Kenya?
    I really need the whole kit.

    • Good Morning Milka. We are located at Valley Arcade Mini Mall Shop 2. You can also call us on 0738 332 665


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