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Jade Roller (Preorder)
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Jade Roller (Preorder)

KShs 3,000.00

SKU: SPB5356
About the Jade Roller.
  • 🌸ANCIENT BEAUTY SECRET : Using the cooling and healing therapeutic energy of Jade stone to promote blood circulation, diminish puffiness and bags under the eyes, detoxify through lymphatic drainage, improve skin elasticity and toning
  • 🌸SKINCARE GLOW : Add Jade rolling as a part of your personal skincare regimen. Combine it with our face sheet masks for an extra glow! We’re giving you our best Snail, Egg, and Honey masks for facial moisture nourishment repair to try out as a bonus!
  • 🌸AT HOME SPA TREATMENT : Pop the jade roller in the ice freezer for a few minutes, put on the face sheet mask, roll the cold jade roller over the mask to help further penetrate the hydrating and moisturizing serum. Your skin will seriously thank you!
  • 🌸QUALITY ABOVE THE REST : We lovingly handpick every piece of Jade to be handcrafted in our factory. All our products are carefully inspected to ensure our customers get nothing but the best. No one else can guarantee that!
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Hello Beautiful! It’s time to get Glowy

Kalon Glo’s Jade Roller draws inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine and leaves your skin feeling younger and looking healthier. Crafted from pure Xiuyan jade stone, this hand-held device boosts collagen production, improves the benefits of serums and flushes out toxins for a smoother-looking complexion. Get ready to Glow!

★ Key Ingredients

  • Xiuyan Jade Stone: known to relax the nervous system and aid in the removal of toxins. Jade represents love, health, wealth, longevity and prosperity.

★ Key Benefits:

  • Enhances benefits of serums
  • Flushes toxins via lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Massages and exercises the muscles in the face
  • Tones and rejuvenate skin
  • Boosts elastin
  • Provides relief for headaches and tension

Tip: Use daily and nightly after cleansing to optimize your self-care ritual. Place inside freezer and use under eye area to constrict blood flow and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Use over your favorite serum or our face sheet masks to enhance benefits.

★ Directions on Jade Rolling

  • Wash face and apply your favorite moisturizer, serum or mask
  • Starting at the base of your neck, roll the jade roller in an upward motion
  • Move up to your face and work from an imaginary center line outwards towards your ears, where the lymph drains from your face
  • Repeat each stroke at least 3 times

★ What’s Included

  • Authentic jade derma roller tool set with double head stones
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • 3 Facial Sheet Masks for hydrating and moisturizing
  • Luxury box perfect gift giving

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