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ACNE ORG: Benzoyl Peroxide (Pre-Order)

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How does benzoyl peroxide work?

Studies show benzoyl peroxide kills over 99% of acne bacteria in quick fashion. Upon application of benzoyl peroxide to the skin, oxygen is created. Benzoyl peroxide is the only known substance which can bring this oxygen down into the skin where it kills the bacteria. This is why benzoyl peroxide is so effective.

acne org benzoyl peroxide

So the question remains, what about the pore plugging up in the first place? Benzoyl peroxide also has a mild drying and peeling effect which is thought to help prevent this occurrence and tends to transform red or ruddy, irritated looking skin into balanced, calm, healthy-looking skin. In a nutshell, if you use enough 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, it’s quite frankly stronger than acne.

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