Who We Are!

Sugar Punch Beauty is a Kenyan online makeup and skincare store that sells makeup products and skin care products from around the world to Kenyan women. Sugar Punch Beauty started as a store that sold lip products and slowly diversified into Face, Eye and Skincare products like Powders, Eyeshadows, Primers, Setting Sprays, Highlighters, Bronzers, Cleansers, Moisturizers and Acne Treatments.

Brands We Stock

Brands we stock include Milani Cosmetics, BH Cosmetics, Color Pop, Maybelline, L.A Colors, L.A Girl, CoverGirl, ELF, NYX, and GlittzxGlam among others. Why buy counterfeit products when you can enjoy shopping for the best skincare and makeup products from around the world at an affordable price in Kenya?

Countries We Deliver To
Kenya 80%
Tanzania 10%
Rwanda 10%
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Call us: 0738 332 665

Email: sales@sugarpunchkenya.co.ke or sugarpunchkenya@gmail.com